Middle-aged women on Proazac (anti-depressdent) face stroke risk

Middle-aged women who take antidepressants could be nearly 40 per cent more likely to have a stroke, scientists claim. But it is unclear whether it is the pills or other factors linked to depression that raises the risk. A study of more than 80,000 women aged 54 to 79 over a six-year period found those read more »

Can I take Prozac during pregnancy?

Question My husband and I want to try for a baby but are concerned about the fact that I am taking Prozac. I have tried to come off the drug in the past but found it very difficult and a lot of my old symptoms of depression and anxiety came back. Prozac has helped me read more »

Prozac during Pregnancy – Is prozac safe during pregnancy?

It’s hard to say. Taking any drug involves an element of risk and antidepressants are no different. That’s why if you’re taking Prozac, you should see your doctor if you become pregnant, or are trying for a baby. It’s important to talk things through with your doctor. She will explain to you the risks and read more »

Menopause Facts – Is it Menopause?

Menopause is the term given to the last menstrual period, and is said to have occurred when a woman has not had a period for 12 months. If you do stop bleeding for 12 months and then start again it is advisable to see a doctor. Menopause happens because women run out of eggs and read more »

Menopause – A different view of menopause

To be a woman in matriachal times, was seen and understood to be special because of womans ability to bleed and seemingly defy death. And through the withholding of her blood for a long period of time in pregnancy, to produce a new life! What a miraculous gift, the perpetuation of the species. As a read more »

Menopause Symptoms

In the lead up to menopause (peri-menopause refers to 1 year before and 1 year after the last period),┬áperiods start to do all sorts of things, they may get heavier or lighter, last longer or get shorter in duration, they may start and stop, and they may no longer happen at regular intervals. Usually these read more »

Midlife Crisis in Women – Is it possible?

A midlife crisis isn’t just something that men encounter. Plenty of women have their own midlife crises. The details are sometimes a bit different, but the reasons are generally the same. As people age, they start to fear that they have misspent their life or as if their youth is gone. Age, for many people, read more »

Women Menopause – Myths about Women over 40′s Health

From drug ads to diet books, we hear so much about menopause and women’s health that it can be hard to know what’s true. Listed below are 10 common myths — and the reasons why women should not believe them. 1. Bioidentical “natural” hormones are better than traditional hormone therapy. There is no evidence that read more »

Clinical Depression Symptoms – Depression in Women

Clinical Depression Symptoms: Dear WomenOver40, recently I met a 53 year old woman, Brenda, who is suffering from major depressive disorder, clinical depression symptoms, and major depressive episodes. I strongly believe there are many of you with these related depression issues. If you suspect or see yourself in this article, please do not hesitate to read more »